One number group started back in 2016 by Bill Kingate.

His dream was to start a company that not only supported local businesses and the community but gave his customers a fair price on goods and services. It slowly moved into minor construction but then in late 2017 moved into large construction with housing redevelopment and renovations being a large part of One Number Group’s main business,

In 2019 Bill Kingate took the company from being a local builder and merged it with NDIS suppliers Increasing not only his workflow but his staff as well.

Working with not only NDIS clients but also their OT’s and support workers One Number Group now supplies building services, garden services, cleaners, restpite care & other NDIS needs.

In 2020 it is Adelaide’s largest multi trade company where everything is in one place for the customer and they are rest assured that customer service & productivity is guaranteed

The Owner

Bill Kingate - CEO

Bill was born in Elizabeth in 1987 by single mum he grew up in Davoren Park.

He always had a heart for helping people whether it be volunteering for the St Johns or serving over 10 years in the State Emergency Service, he was always willing to help people.

Bill met his wife Julie when he was 18 years of age, they moved in together when he was 19 and they were married when he was 21, They have 2 beautiful boys.

Bill started as a simple builder when he was 15 as an apprentice working in Davoren Park he then moved on to working for Telstra from 10 years as a HFC contractor when he finally decided to merge back into building in 2016 and today owns Adelaide’s largest multi trade company working not only with the general public but with NDIS clients as well.

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